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Thanks to Kevin Worthington for his installation instructions. Comments are closed on his post so I’ve added these notes to my own blog.
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If you work with git as your version control system and don’t use a GUI app in your workflow, this one liner in your ~/.profile (or ~/.bashrc on Linux) will display the active branch you’re working on when you cd to a git repo path. Read the rest of this entry »

This month I’ve got a couple of trips to the US, one work, one leisure. I’d like to be able to use some of the dead time during the flight to do some development work. Instead of running PHP, Apache and MySQL from my Mac, I run it from a Ubuntu virtual machine via VirtualBox.

My previous configuration was to use a bridged network so the host could see the guest and access services running on it. Perfect … except when you don’t have a network connection, like when you’re on a flight. Read the rest of this entry »


Snow Leopard ships with PHP 5.3.0, which at the time of writing, is quite recent (at least it’s a milestone version with a bunch of new features). I’ve not tried to install anything previously via PEAR on my Snow Leopard install.

When I tried to install PHPUnit, I ran into a problem.
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Having trouble with Terminal not remembering your aliases? A lot of documentation on the web talks about configuring tcsh or csh in Mac OS X. I was scratching my head for a while wondering why my ~/.tcshrc file wasn’t defining my aliases on login (or my ~/.login file for that matter, that the system created!).
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Thanks to this blogger who made real UK keyboard layouts that work under Snow Leopard. I couldn’t get alternative community created UK layouts, that previously worked in Leopard, to work under Snow Leopard. Read the rest of this entry »