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Thanks to Kevin Worthington for his installation instructions. Comments are closed on his post so I’ve added these notes to my own blog.
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Snow Leopard ships with PHP 5.3.0, which at the time of writing, is quite recent (at least it’s a milestone version with a bunch of new features). I’ve not tried to install anything previously via PEAR on my Snow Leopard install.

When I tried to install PHPUnit, I ran into a problem.
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Thanks to this blogger who made real UK keyboard layouts that work under Snow Leopard. I couldn’t get alternative community created UK layouts, that previously worked in Leopard, to work under Snow Leopard. Read the rest of this entry »


Tuning Eclipse is pretty straight forward, passing the commonly documented command line arguments when running Eclipse on Mac OS X is not. At least not as easy as it would be in Windows. Like Windows shortcuts we have OS X ‘aliases’ but these do not allow us to specify additional arguments.
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