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I was surprised to find PDO sqlite support wasn’t included by default with PHP 5 on my Ubuntu (10.04) virtual machine. You can check which drivers are available with this small snippet of code (assuming you run this from the command line):

foreach (PDO::getAvailableDrivers() as $driver) {
    echo $driver . PHP_EOL;

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On Friday I went to the PHP UK 2010 conference in Islington, London with one of my work colleagues. There were three tracks, so between us we were able to cover most talks of interest. The conference organisers have said they’ll post the slides of each talk, with sync’ed audio, online soon. I’ll link the slides for these talks as they become available.
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Update: Before using this library, see PHP Excel that has support for more recent formats of XLS and Office 2007′s xlsx format.

Quick post to consolidate information around the net. Installing this package is not as straight forward as most, as it’s in the beta channel.
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PHP exe compiler & GUI apps

posted 2006 // php // 0

I just read about Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder on phpdeveloper – very cool. Then I spotted WinBinder, genius! (I wonder how well PHP performs for desktop GUI apps).

When Zend released their certification in 2004 I promptly picked up their study guide in October 2004 (along with MySQL’s study guide). However, even now I’m still not certified, I’ve studied the material but never booked the exam. When I stumbled across this thread it reminded why I never booked the exam. Read the rest of this entry »


Where now?

posted 2005 // php, tech, work // 0

I feel like I’ve learnt a lot as a developer in the last 12 months; increasingly though I am frustrated with PHP. I’ve spent several months researching other languages as a new direction for my personal development efforts (no scope to move from PHP at work). I had my targets set on C#.

Prior to frequenting Channel9 I was quite the anti-MS & an open source zealot. However I believe C# is a promising technology; with some interesting developments in the pipeline.

My only gripe with C# is the cost, being tied to Windows and upgrade cycles. I have installed mono but trying to use MS Visual Web Developer as an IDE (which is .NET 2.0 friendly) caused for a bit of conflict.