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Maybe that end part, doesn’t get object oriented design is a bit sensationalist. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Joel. He speaks a lot of sense, his blog and books are testament to that … I own a few of them.

I might be a couple of years late on this … it wasn’t until I was researching an answer to a question on the Stack Exchange Programmers site about test driven design that I stumbled across this blog post by Robert Martin.

So I listened to episode 38 of the StackOverflow podcast, and figured Joel might have said the things he did to stir things up a bit, and light a fire of conversation for the podcast. More Googling lead me to other evidence that he thinks unit testing is a time waster.
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My first & last Macbook

posted 2008 // osx, rant // 0

I started writing this post some months ago back in September but never got around to finishing it. At first this post was going to be me singing my praises for Ubuntu and how well Ubuntu supports the Macbook Pro. Unfortunately in that time I’ve now moved to Mac OS X…
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