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Thanks to Kevin Worthington for his installation instructions. Comments are closed on his post so I’ve added these notes to my own blog.

Kevin’s instructions worked for the most part, with the exception of adding /usr/local to my PATH. Running which nginx showed it could not locate nginx, I found the executable resides in /usr/local/sbin and so added this directory in place of /usr/local

nginx was then available:

$ . ~/.profile
$ which nginx

I installed more recent versions of PCRE and nginx: PCRE 8.20 and nginx 1.0.11 – maybe this had some bearing on executable location. Public gist of commands.


Greg K // 18.Dec.2011 // 13:02

I’ve not tried these myself but Hunter Ford has some instructions on running nginx at start up:


Greg K // 18.Dec.2011 // 22:39

There’s a great tutorial below on compiling PHP with Fast CGI support to work with nginx:


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