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When writing unit tests, it’s often useful to know the code coverage you’ve achieved to see what proportion of your code you’re exercising. Typically you have to commit your code to version control, so your CI server can pull in your updates and produce coverage reports. This means you sometimes commit incomplete tests, where you might forget to test failure branches (throwing exceptions for example).

code coverage report

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Bash script woes

posted 2007 // linux // 0

I had an opportunity to play with Bash script on Friday. My task was to write a small deployment script to grab our server class configuration settings from subversion and rsync them to the appropriate machines.

This was easy enough, a couple of commands to subversion, rsync and some glue and I’d be done. However, an hour into writing it I wish I’d used PHP or used my time to learn how to do it in Perl. Read the rest of this entry »