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Recently I tried to replace one line with multiple lines of text using Netbeans. As much as Netbeans IDE is growing on me (having recently switched from Eclipse), I couldn’t accomplish this multi-file, multi-line replace with it (yes I know about Edit > Replace in Projects… that didn’t work). I turned to bash for a solution …
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I needed to compile the latest PHP5 from source so I could enable FPM support. The following packages needed installing to successfully complete compilation. Read the rest of this entry »

I was surprised to find PDO sqlite support wasn’t included by default with PHP 5 on my Ubuntu (10.04) virtual machine. You can check which drivers are available with this small snippet of code (assuming you run this from the command line):

foreach (PDO::getAvailableDrivers() as $driver) {
    echo $driver . PHP_EOL;

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If you work with git as your version control system and don’t use a GUI app in your workflow, this one liner in your ~/.profile (or ~/.bashrc on Linux) will display the active branch you’re working on when you cd to a git repo path. Read the rest of this entry »

Not long now until Ubuntu Ibex is released. However, I ran into this issue again this morning so I thought I’d document the solution for others.
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Bash script woes

posted 2007 // linux // 0

I had an opportunity to play with Bash script on Friday. My task was to write a small deployment script to grab our server class configuration settings from subversion and rsync them to the appropriate machines.

This was easy enough, a couple of commands to subversion, rsync and some glue and I’d be done. However, an hour into writing it I wish I’d used PHP or used my time to learn how to do it in Perl. Read the rest of this entry »