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I needed to compile the latest PHP5 from source so I could enable FPM support. The following packages needed installing to successfully complete compilation. Read the rest of this entry »

I was surprised to find PDO sqlite support wasn’t included by default with PHP 5 on my Ubuntu (10.04) virtual machine. You can check which drivers are available with this small snippet of code (assuming you run this from the command line):

foreach (PDO::getAvailableDrivers() as $driver) {
    echo $driver . PHP_EOL;

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PHP UK Conference 2011

posted 2011 // conference, php // 0

I recently attended PHP UK 2011, this was the second PHP UK conference I’ve attended.

PHP UK Conference main auditoriumKey point from last year: this year was much better organised! Everything ran on time, last year we started late and talks over ran. Congrats to the PHP UK team for much improved organisation.

Several talks have been posted on vimeo.

The talks I attended this year:

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If you work with git as your version control system and don’t use a GUI app in your workflow, this one liner in your ~/.profile (or ~/.bashrc on Linux) will display the active branch you’re working on when you cd to a git repo path. Read the rest of this entry »

This was just too painful not to blog about. I hope this saves someone else some pain of reading sed documentation to put together a pattern to match C style header comments.

In my case I’m putting together a build script, part of it is to minify Javascript before deployment.
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IE8 & CSS opacity = fail

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I’m putting together a new look for this blog, it’s a much needed 2010 refresh. An element of the new design uses a semi-transparent opacity (mouseover the items on the wooden floor above).
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