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Hidden Value

posted 2013 // book review, work // 0

I took a couple of books away with me on holiday this summer. The first was Steve Jobs biography, I’ve been reading this forever, since April 2012. It’s one of those books I’d only pick up when travelling and I was determined to finish it during the my 10 day break in Mexico. I figured that wasn’t enough reading material so I also picked up a copy of Hidden Value.
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Think rate is fixed

posted 2012 // book review, work // 1

I’ve just finished reading Tom DeMarco‘s Slack, a book aimed at dissolving the myth that total efficiency within an organisation is “a good thing”.

This book is more general than Peopleware, DeMarco’s software development oriented book (which I found to be a more engaging read, probably because I’m a developer).
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The corner of my copy was damaged during delivery

I’m reading a lot of books on Agile at present, I figure this will help me de-bunk some of the Agile buzz on the web at the moment. I just finished reading Practices of an Agile Developer this morning.

I’ve seen an increasing amount of criticism about Agile methods, the primary response to this criticism is that those criticising are not practicing “Agile” correctly. My goal is to try and improve my own software development practices therefore I wanted a clear understanding of what “Agile” is so I can do it right from the start. Read the rest of this entry »